Thursday, March 21, 2013

Writing Super Heroes

What is it about writing super hero stories that appeals to you?

I love super heroes. I have ever since I first saw the trash can Iron Man beat up on the bad guys. I have since I first read about Superman stopping asteroids from hitting the earth (as opposed to meteorites).

But even as I grew up and realized their adventures were a little hokey and campy from time to time (or more often than that), I couldn't help but still love them. They exemplified the image of the sacrificial martyr putting himself or herself on the line for the greater good, the person willing to die in order to save others. I couldn't help but love that.

So why do I love to write and read super hero stories? Because I think they're still one of the best settings we have to tell stories about people making complex decisions that can tell us about ourselves. (All while beating up bad guys and stopping asteroids, of course.)

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