Monday, July 8, 2013

Sean Taylor is... THE COMIC BOOK MAN!

Guess who's gonna be a regular call-in guest for a radio show about comic books? Yep, this guy.

I'm going to be a regular guest on Barry King's BK ON THE RADIO Saturday night show on WYXC radio (1270 AM), where I'll go over my picks of the week from the week's comics. Those of you who aren't local can catch the show on TuneIn or online at

Join the fun starting this Saturday (tomorrow) night at 10 PM EST.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Preach On, Brother Kermit!

I think I know why this last story was like pulling teeth (not counting all the crazy stuff that happened from broken laptop to trying to break my back in the garage right around deadline time).

I think I've been writing pulp so much lately that I'm beginning to lose myself in what others say pulp is supposed to be. I started writing with a more lit focus, but with a love for genre fiction, and my earlier writing (around Show Me A Hero and my IDW work) reflects that struggle between lit and genre in a way that made me, well, me.

I think what I need to do is embrace that again and stop trying so hard to write for a style.

I need to tell the stories and let the style simply be what flows. I know I have at least two now that I'm locked into a certain style (third-person only, straight-ahead narrative, etc.) but after those, I'm going to just tell the stories the way I tell them and if my publishers don't like it, then I'll publish elsewhere.

I still want to tell pulp stories, but I don't want to get locked into what was considered pulp only in the past. I want to embrace all kinds of work and style and create something new in pulps, horror, fantasy, sci-fi, superheroes, whatever.

As Kermit sang:

When green is all there is to be
It could make you wonder why
But why wonder why wonder
I am green, and it'll do fine
It's beautiful, and I think it's what I want to be

So, I'm gonna be green because, well that's what I am.

Monday, June 17, 2013

It's Big and Bad -- The Big Bad: An Anthology of Evil

My newest book is out from Dark Oak Press, edited by John Hartness and Emily Lavin Leverett. The Big Bad: An Anthology of Evil features my iHero tale "A Pleasant Valley Sunday" -- featuring the villains Hot Shot and Night Shot as they contemplate having to reconcile bank heists, murder, and homeowner association meetings -- along with tales from lots of other talented folks!

Everybody loves bad guys, and these are some of the baddest of them all. Forget the rules. There aren't any heroes. No one is going to save you from the wickedness in the darkness. Monster hunters can easily become the hunted. Twisted perverts can find themselves on the receiving end of their own deviant desires. No matter how big and bad someone or something may be, there is always something bigger and badder just waiting. Even the classics like a dragon, werewolf, or supernatural being can fall victim to something even more evil. Take a peek, if you dare, inside the malevolent world of super-villains, monsters, demons and just plain evil folk. Be careful, what you see there might be disturbingly familiar...

Available at these fine locations:

Amazon (Kindle) (Softcover) (Hardcover)
B&N (Nook) (Softcover) (Hardcover

Monday, June 10, 2013

Sarah White vs. Fishnet Angel

Who is currently hard at work drawing and lettering the new Fishnet Angel Digest book I'm writing took a moment out of her day to drop this doodle on her Tumblr

And yes, long-time fans of the character will notice a few cosmetic costume changes for the Tyranian Warrior Goddess as she makes her jump to the manga digests.

The new books will re-tell all the prose and comic stories to date in chronological order, beginning with the origin story, and then wrapping new stories around them to fill out episodes that have been heretofore untold.

Looking good, Sarah. Can't wait to see the full book and make it available to the fans.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Genre Purity

Do you prefer to keep a genre pure when you write? What about blending genres in pulp stories? 

Oh no. I like to put all my genres and ideas in a story blender and hit the pulp button.

Romantic awakenings of snake women on Mars? Did that in Blackthorn: Thunder on Mars.

Zombie horror stories that examine the marriage commitment? Did that twice already, once in Zombiesque and once in Pro Se Presents #1.

Fairy tales with inter-dimensional war and demons from the vast beyond? Check. Already done that too, in the pages of Classics Mutilated.

Super hero adventures mixed with fable and mythology? Not a problem. Check out Fishnet Angel in Show Me a Hero.

About the only time I stay pure is when I'm writing a straight up hard-boiled detective story.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Heroes and Tragedy

Why did you choose the quote "Show me a hero and I will write you a tragedy" by F. Scott Fitzgerald for your book Show Me A Hero? Isn't that kind of depressing?

I don't think of it as depressing at all. I see it as a natural outcome of anyone's choice to sacrifice himself or herself for the good of others. And to clarify, it's only seen as a tragedy by those outside the choice itself. To the one who chooses, the experience is not one of tragedy but of triumph.

I also believe that, as humans, we tend not to learn much from moments of pleasure, but more from times of pain. And that's weird, I know, because if you know me personally, you'd know I'm a very optimistic person.

Go figure.